Forecasting a global economy that will double in size by 2030-2035 and nearly tripling by 2050, shifts in supply and demand of protein for human consumption will drive the rise of alternative and sustainable proteins, initiating significant changes in the food and agriculture landscape.

Livestock production accounts for 70% of all agricultural land use and the global demand for livestock products is expected to almost double by 2050.

The rearing and consumption of insects include a 100% natural solution to these challenges.

Even if the “disgust-factor” is a hurtle to get over, we are convinced that consideration of conventional factors in food chemistry and food acceptance (taste, visual, texture, etc.) and application to edible insect preparation will increase their acceptance rapidly and that, in not too far future, you will find insects as a common lunch option or a cuisine with high-perceived value.


When it comes to producing foods made from insects, the sky’s the limit. Insects and its derivative can be incorporated into numerous consumer items, such as meat substitutes and protein-fortified dry products, including cereals, bars, and snack foods to mention only some of them.

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